About Us

HR Deliver was founded by small business-owner and employee benefits professional Dennis Carlson, who has personally worked with hundreds of small businesses to assist them in implementing HR best practices and employee benefit programs. In his extensive work with these small businesses, Carlson found that most simply lacked the resources and funds to have a dedicated HR administrator on staff to ensure that they remained current and compliant with state and federal employment laws.

HR Deliver was thus launched to provide a reliable and attainable online solution to support the human resources function of small businesses across the country. Since 2001, the platform utlized by HR Deliver and the team of dedicated HR Professionals have helped thousands of companies with all of their human resources needs.

The highly trained human resources professionals that support HR Deliver’s HR Basic, HR Pro Support and HR Compliance  services average over 20 years experience in the HR field, and hold either PHR (Professional of Human Resources) or SPHR (Senior Professional of Human Resources) certifications. These certifications ensure that our HR Pros not only have the necessary professional background and fieldwork in human resources, but also prove that they have a depth of knowledge in the field, an understanding of small business operations, are versed in the latest regulations and compliance issues, and are able to plan and implement HR policies.

All of HR Deliver’s valuable online knowledge bases, content libraries, quick guides and business templates are compiled, written and maintained by this elite team of HR Pros, who create content that reflects their richly varied and comprehensive HR knowledge. These human resources professionals answer thousands of questions each day from small business owners to help them create and maintain effective HR policies and to remain compliant.

HR Deliver offers accessible and customized online human resources solutions that will suit the unique and individual nature of your small business. Click here to learn more about HR Deliver’s HR Pro Support services.