Quick Guides - Termination

Ensure that an inherently difficult process in any workplace goes as smoothly as possible in yours with HR Deliver's termination quick guide. This resource base includes all pertinent data related to employee departures, situated in one convenient location for fast and efficient access.

A useful checklist gives you point-by-point guidelines on employee termination, from weighing alternatives to termination to informing a terminated employee of impending communications (such as COBRA coverage). Also included is a list of top five termination tips provided by HR Deliver’s highly knowledgeable team of HR professionals, to ensure that your company remains compliant when letting go of a worker.

The forms, templates and guidelines section furnishes links to relevant and compliant termination documents from HR Deliver's vast essentials resources, including sample termination letters, notices of layoff and final payment acknowledgements.

Finally, links to news articles related to employee termination are provided to expand company knowledge with regards to employer and employee rights, layoff basics and recent changes to relevant employment laws.