Essentials - Policy Library

Anticipate and answer specific employee questions while saving valuable human resources time with HR Deliver's Policy Library. This knowledge base gives workers clear guidance on company rules and expectations, while ensuring that your business' individual policies are compliant with local and federal employment laws.

The policy library allows the user to easily find detailed information on popular topics such as overtime pay, sales commissions, severance terms, paid time off (PTO) and telecommuting. Users of the policy library can sort results by topic category or preview a brief summary of an individual policy prior to clicking through to the full information page.

Choose the policies that are applicable to your company with a simple click of your mouse. Some individual policies offer multiple versions, allowing you to choose the variant that best suits your company. Upgrade to HR Pro Support to access one-on-one support from our expert human resources representatives, who can help you determine which policies best suit your company.