Essentials - Employee Handbook

An absolute necessity in today’s business world, an employee handbook allows employers to clearly and professionally convey company policies to workers with regard to state and federal laws. A comprehensive and well-organized handbook can assist employees in more thoroughly understanding company procedure, reducing any miscommunication that could lead to costly legal ramifications for your business.

Take the guesswork out of creating an effective employee handbook that is compliant with current employment laws by downloading HR Deliver's handbook template. This customizable file allows you to easily edit and update the handbook in order to suit the unique and individual needs of your business, and is available in both English and Spanish versions.

Once you have finished customizing your employee handbook, you can use HR Deliver’s HR On-Demand service to have your document personally reviewed by our human resources experts to ensure that your specific company policies remain in compliance with the laws of your state (available for English version only).

Finally, HR Deliver will support you in determining how best to distribute your business’ handbook to employees, and provide guidance as to when and how to periodically update your file.